Lifestyle Options

Lifestyle Options

Which one suits you best?

Single-Level Homes
Are daily duties for example, lawn care, house cleaning, and home maintenance seems too much trouble? Having a Waterford home can free you from these inconveniences. We have staff to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Private Apartment Living
Waterford at Harrisburg apartments presents you the possibility to appreciate a more care free way of life. You will have friends and neighbors close by, but you can sustain the privateness you wish. Drop the obligations and costs of home servicing for worry free living.

Aided Living Flatsgardens-apartment
Everyone ages in a different way. That’s why Waterford offers Aided Living services. To be able to encourage residents’ health, we motivate them to retain their level of self-reliance by providing only the Aided Living services when needed.

Memory Care Apartments
The physical environment in the Harrisburg memory guidance program is particularly intended to provide appropriate levels of stimulation and assistance in a place that is based for exit and entry to residents. Carefully guided choices are inspired through person-centered development provided by our well-trained personnel, who work with the inhabitants throughout the day and night.gardenPath-waterford

First Memory Support
Our First Memory Support plan is developed to supply suitable levels of stimulation and support in a smaller and more personal area than the helped living neighborhood. Guided selections are motivated through person-centered programming provided by specially trained personnel.

Home Wellness – Home Care
Home is where the majority of people find the energy to cope with health issues or the normal situations of aging. Often just a few hours of individual assistance every week can present enough support for someone to stay in the home.

Rehab & Aquatic Therapiesaquatictherapy-waterford
Skilled professionals, a large heated pool, community sauna, and professional equipment help people restore their healthier and more satisfying life. The outpatient services are offered to people living throughout Waterford region.

Our Large Garden Therapies
The Waterford homes feature a huge relaxing garden, a true place to relax and appreciate the nature at its best. The quietness and tranquility is truly the source of wellbeing. Our paths through the garden, trees and the flowers, and a small pond can offer peace within for every inhabitant. The seniors can be included in garden work (planting flowers, composting leftovers) if they desire.

Health & Fitness Club
Our Health & Fitness Club is geared to the distinctive needs of active adults to promote lifelong health and wellness. Membership is open to all inhabitants as well as the greater community in our neighborhood. Out staff includes exercise specialists to work out a specific training and nutrition program for everyone’s needs.


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