New aquarium opens in Waterford with a focus on underwater nature awareness

Posted by JB on April 03, 2016

A new aquarium in the Waterford area now provides tourists and locals as well the chance to learn the incredible ways of the underwater world while not even getting their feet wet. Sea Life Aquarium, which is located on the Thompson road on the development of Waterford community just off the eastern side of the old community church, opened last week, with a public launch service, on Thursday. For experienced diver and entrepreneur Adam Archibald, who is the owner of Sea Life Aquarium, it is of great value to educate kids while they are still younger about the essence of preserving the treasures below the ocean waves, and it appears his venue is in the best standing to attempt and achieve that goal.

On exhibit there is a broad selection of hard and soft corals, anemones, beautiful starfish, vibrant sea urchins, striking sea slugs, sea snails and exceptional seahorses.



Another noteworthy showcase is the coastal mangrove wetland, a tank with an operating mangrove system in the water, which was inhabited by some species usually occupying these kinds of environments, like the common mullet and the wolffish, that Adam described can in fact conceal itself into the mud through times of drought and endure by breathing through uniquely adapted bronchial tubes on top of its head for as much as 4 weeks

The new public aquarium only adds value to our region and more activities for our senior citizens in the town and in Waterford Homes.


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